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The Secret ?


Watch the video above then…
…It starts with this question:


What’s your dream?
Your dream is the most delicate gift given to you.
You have to build your dream up and protect it
from the dream killers out there.
Is you want to be successful in life, don’t seek for


Seek to BECOME a person of VALUE.


“Your life changes the moment you make a new,
congruent, and committed decision.”

– Tony Robbins


You have to be self disciplined…
Start working on it today…
Have your VISION in place…
Focus on the baby steps and don’t be discouraged
by that big mountain in front of you.


And use these key’s:


Time will move with or without you..

Success om the other hands is in YOUR hands.

Change is up to you.

Untitled design(1)
Your dream is just a dream until you have a PLAN,
to get there.


If you get up in the morning and stand in front of the mirror,
remind yourself that YOU can change your future. TODAY.


A plan tells you not only what you have to do,
it tells you what you DON’T have to do?


Is it so hard to do the LITTLE things?…


Knowing that our minds are wired to protect us …
To survive, to keep us away from fear…


You have to choose to get out of your comfort zone.


Staying in a job you hate is a decision
Staying in the body you’re not proud of is a decision.


It’s not EASY to change, no … but it’s SIMPLE,  yes.


It’s your job to push yourself.


Indecision is the thief of opportunity.


There will be moments ALL they long that you know
what you should do.
Without decision your brain kicks in and sabotages
every changing behavior.


So if you want to change you have to work on your attitude:


Take extreme ownership,
Get control of your EGO,
take ownership of your problems, your problems and
then over the SOLUTIONS
that solves your problems,


….take ownership of your MISSION, your job, your FUTURE…
Take ownership of you LIFE!
Self-Discipline start with waking up early.
Self-Discipline is the root of all GOOD.


“People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.”(1)

… It’s the start of LIVING YOUR DREAMS.

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Source for my blog post:
YouTube WINNING PSYCHOLOGY – New Motivational Videos Compilation

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