LIfe Changing Stories


Carmen Faust, one of our students

Germany December 19th, 2015

You will always be in my heart and I would not forget your warm words and that you are there for me. This poem is for you-enjoy:)…you are in it:)

A journey to life Once there was a person who was traveling through life, watching it like a visitor instead of an actor of its own. There were days when that person was a golden warrior, armed with willpower and visions for a better life. But days somehow got that person down. Still, the person was having the goal to destroy the bubble of fluffy average life.

The bubble was something really great- most people were talked in younger age. Never leave her and always try to reach out to her. Everything that is outside that, will be like poison- only a few will survive but you- you will not. After spending most of the years in that white fluffy bubble, the person who had always felt not in the right place and not related to all of those people, who somehow were not happy with their lives but where not willing to change, wanted to put herself out to a journey- a journey where lightness and happiness would take her by the hands.

During these days, she was sailing on the ocean of life, fighting the waves of hold up and unhappiness. Where is the sun of life, where are the warm rays of sunshine? Heavy drops of uncertainness felt down and hurt her. She was not willing to give up, but weather got heavier and a storm was coming up. A storm where she was told why she would never succeed by doing her life purpose- and what should that be -life purpose. The storm kept holding on, but somehow something lightened up. She felt a warm and gently smile and promising eyes watching down on her. She looked up, and saw something, she never saw before, full of energy and love. She was unsure if she was really meant and if that really should happened now to her. Was she really ready to receive? Only the universe knows, but yes she was, and needed to believe it herself.


Testimonial Lawrence Tam,
one of our mentors

Social Media Expert, blogger, coach, father of 3, and 7 figure earner


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Business results of Greta, one of our students

Florida, Jan 2016

Greta All IN sale

Testimonial of one of our colleagues entrepreneurs/ mom Tamara


Testimonial Tamara


Testimonial of Stefan Bonaparte, personal student
November 2015
Testimonial stefan insta


Video Testimonial of Tabi Jasper, personal student

Canada, April 2016
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Invite to speak as guest speakers for thousands of people at a huge entrepreneurial event in Nashville Tennessee

April 2016

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Facebook testimonial of personal student Meaghan Henderson

May, 2016

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Facebook testimonial of personal student Jaclyn Thomas

June, 2016

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LIfe Changing Stories






Facebook testimonial of personal student Jeroen Oerlemans

June, 2016

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Instagram Testimonial of personal student Tabatha Jasper on Facebook

June, 2016

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Instagram Video Testimonial Tabatha Jasper: how she increased her lead-list in 30 days

June 2016







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Courtney, Hank testimjonial















LIfe Changing Stories


















LIfe Changing Stories

“This year I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be trained and coached by Dirk and Muriel. WOW, what a difference it has made! Dirk and Muriel are absolutely the most passionate people I have ever met and their main goal it to help others.

Dirk and Muriel are genuinely committed to helping each and every one of the people they are working with and this commitment shows with all of the success people are having that they have trained and coached, myself included! They really want everyone to find success. And what is most impressive is their ability to shift to the varied needs of the individuals in the group. We all have varying levels of experience – some with absolutely no experience at all working on line but Dirk and Muriel always make sure everyone is getting what they need in order to move forward. The training is well focused in the various areas that we need to educate ourselves in – whether it be building your brand online, developing your leadership skills, leveraging Facebook or Instagram mastery, they work hard to fulfill the needs of the group and expect everyone to work hard too. Dirk and Muriel provide step by step directions for what you need to do in your business AND they help you understand the importance of personal mind set as well.

The other important thing about being coached by these two – they HAVE the success we are all striving for. They are living it, right now, so their training and coaching is completely relevant about how to work online right now.

I am so grateful I have had and continue to have the privilege of being trained and coached by these two incredible people. Thank you! ”


Anita Owens
“There’s been many influential people in my life throughout the years, but I really can’t thank Dirk & Muriël enough for the mentorship they have shared with me the past couple of months. Go follow them to learn who they are and to get their LITTLE NUGGETS OF WISDOM along the way. You’ll see that even from across the world they are just real people like you and I. Go follow em’ and I promise you’ll glad you did! “

-Sadie Helou

“Why work with Dirk and Muriël ? I say why not?! They both have guided and helped me to align myself with my goals, my vision and my purpose. They helped me to understand myself deeper than I could ever have imagined which has helped me to believe in my own abilities and propel my business forward. If you have an opportunity to work with them then I encourage you to allow them to use their skills and help show you what you are truly capable of. This is your vision at stake, go get it! I wish you peace, love & awesomeness!”

-Luv Tabatha Jasper
Blogger and Entrepreneur



“Hi, we are Brad and Diane Burgess from Australia, founders of Enhanced Perspective.

We connected with Dirk and Muriël in October 2016 through social media and at the time were looking for methods of attracting more customers to our home business. It soon became clear to us  that Dirk and Muriël would be the right people to become our mentors and guide us on our journey to changing our life.

They have shown us the importance of remembering our goals for the future and how important our mindset is in achieving these. They remind us to focus on our “why” and let this be our motivation to continue working towards growing our personal development which in turn will help others and grow our business.

Dirk and Muriël have introduced us to many new and innovative methods of connecting with people from all over the world using Instagram and Facebook to assist with building our online business  –  this has freed us from ever having to harass family and friends again! They have taught us some incredible ways of achieving large volumes of lead generation that we never knew existed. This training has been invaluable.

Part of the mentorship they have provided has been boosting our self development by not only providing one on one coaching and inspiration but also involving us with chat groups both on Facebook and live which have helped us incredibly. We have learned that you need to surround yourself with like minded people who have the same goals and a positive outlook – this is a major  influence on what you will achieve. The live group chats allow you to grow as individuals as you are required to become involved, leave that comfort zone we slip into, step up and take initiative and be accountable.

Dirk and Muriël have a special way of mentoring, freely giving support and encouragement as needed but quietly stepping back so you will work through issues yourself at the same time. They are like a loving mum and dad watching their children find their way and be successful. You actually want to make them proud.”

Kindest Regards

Brad and Diane Burgess



“I’ve been around a lot of people that have achieved striking results building businesses online, I’m proud to be in your circle and I have to say that when you shared this Instagram method with me I was like, “yah but everyone has this or that” and pushed it off for another time. Ha….and as you suggested…. that was a stupid mistake.

Not only are you successful with what you’re offering others but you did it in record time. I remember learning as you started learning and then I could only find myself so far behind you. But I was not alone and then one day … I decided to not ignore what I didn’t know.

I asked you for more of what you put together. What an incredibly well crafted method. Not only are you aligned with building our mutual interests but you have put something together that will help so many people that choose to actually take action as you have so completely demonstrated gets it done!”

-Joe Chance
Advisor at The Informationist