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The beauty Of Building Rapport

Yesterday I had the most beautiful deep 90 minute
conversation with a stranger on the phone.

I heard him talk about quantum Physics, and the
power of thoughts.. thank goodness that’s not
new for him.

He has a special story that make most people label
as him weak person because of things he can’t do any
more since years. And shared so many special happenings
about himself ..

… (super special to have a heart to heart conversation)


unnamedHe reminded me how grateful I am for exchanging
thoughts with strangers and learn from that myself.

He reminded me about my deep vision to help people
SEE what they’re capable of ..

and that I’m grateful for the internet age..

That brings people together ..

Exchanging stories, idea’s, and build relationships,
friendships, businesses.

It creates online entrepreneurs..

Helping people to escape the hamster wheel.


Defining Intention – Dr. Joe Dispenza

To inspire you, this interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza,

brain scientist and quantum physics expert.

The power of intention Is HUGE!

And it helps you to create ANYTHING.

Have faith that there is an invisible road around the corner…
leading you to your vision.

Have a clear intention and the road will show up.

To your success!

~ Dirk & Muriël


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