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This Is The Secret To How You Get What You Want, To Live Your Dreams

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on May 27, 2017

The Secret ? SET YOUR MIND TO WIN! Watch the video above then… …It starts with this question:   What’s your dream? Your dream is the most delicate gift given to you. You have to build your dream up and protect it from the dream killers out there. Is you want to be successful in […]


A friend is not a prospect

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on April 10, 2017

  We All have that friend that started with something new, something amazing! “The products are awesome and life changing” They keep bringing it up at birthdays and other occasions. Lol, if you ever thought about starting a business, because you want to work less, earn more and be home with your family. – Remember […]


Defining Intention – Dr. Joe Dispenza

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on April 8, 2017

The beauty Of Building Rapport Yesterday I had the most beautiful deep 90 minute conversation with a stranger on the phone. I heard him talk about quantum Physics, and the power of thoughts.. thank goodness that’s not new for him. He has a special story that make most people label as him weak person because […]


How To Make Sales? Convincing Your Friends And Family Is So 1980

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on March 23, 2017

How To Make Sales? Without Convincing Your Friends And Family ….. WATCH THE RECORDING by clicking image RIGHT BELOW   How To Make Sales? Convincing Your Friends And Family Is So 1980 ! Right? You’re probably sick and tired of convincing your friends and family, and done with the rejection… While you love to help […]


Freedom Lifestyles Academy Coaching Preview#2 | What’s a Personalized Sales Funnel ?

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on December 29, 2016

Freedom Lifestyles Academy Coaching Presents: Preview #2 Learn more about **The personalized sales funnel** to gain more time, more clients and delete your friends and family recruiting list FOREVER! How you can create more FREEDOM while you build your home based (online) business? => We guarantee you that the friends and family list is NOT […]


Take Some Time to Think Things Through – Freedom Lifestyles Academy Preview #1

by Dirk Van Waasbergen on December 28, 2016

Freedom Lifestyles Academy Preview  #1 I made this mini training LIVE for one of our FB groups… but for all those home-based business owners and entrepreneurs here, who missed it: perhaps it gives you some insights you could use right away.. when you don’t see your dreamed business results yet… – – The Freedom Lifestyles […]


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